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A story of change, technology, innovation and much, much passion.

From Hosting
to Digital Marketing

The story of InformaTEC began back in 2003, when an IT Manager with 10 years’ experience decided to form his own company in order to bring innovation, quality and competitive prices to the IT sector.

Starting in 2003 in Italy as just a quality hosting company at competitive prices, the formerly called Computer Studio company began to be appreciated in the sector, through the trademark that it still proudly retains today and that represents the flagship of the company: Hosting Studio, “Problem free hosting”.

Little by little, Computer Studio expanded with the addition of other services alongside the hosting division: VoIP Internet telephony, graphics and web design, network installation, professional translations by native speakers, E-commerce and computer assistance on site and remotely. This growth resulted in Computer Studio being appreciated even more in the industry.

From 2010 to 2021

In 2010, Computer Studio moved its registered office to the UK, under the name Computer Studio Ltd. In its British corporate reconfiguration, the company continued to consolidate and further improve its experience in the IT sector, taking advantage of the great technical evolution of Great Britain to experiment with new technologies and export them to Italy, where it originated from, as well as to the rest of Europe.

During this British interlude, the company also embraced and consolidated its expertise in the cryptocurrency and blockchainindustry, launching highly successful “one click” hosting masternode products.

Finally, towards the end of 2021, the company decides on a new change of location to Tenerife (where the registered office is still located) and changes its name to something that encapsulates its corporate philosophy even better: InformaTEC is born, a fusion of the Spanish words “Informatica” and “Tecnologia“.

The goal that InformaTEC for the years 2020 is in fact that of increasingly establish a profound synergy between what is strictly IT and what is strictly technology, in order to offer its customers an ever higher quality of service and an ever wider range of solutions..

There is only real progress when the benefits of a new technology become available to all.
Henry Ford
(Henry Ford)
American entrepreneur
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