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A story of change, technology, innovation and much, much passion.

InformaTEC from Hosting
to Digital Marketing

The story of InformaTEC began back in 2003, when an IT Manager with 10 years’ experience decided to form his own company in order to bring innovation, quality and competitive prices to the IT sector.

Starting out in 2003 in Italy solely as a provider of quality web design and hosting services at competitive prices, the then named Computer Studio company began to gain recognition in its field.

Gradually, other branches of the company were added to the web design and hosting divisions, which would make Computer Studio grow and gain recognition in the industry: language courses, interpreting and professional translations by native speakers, E-commerce and on-site and remote IT support. This growth made Computer Studio gain more popularity in its respective business sectors.

From 2010 to 2021

In 2010, Computer Studio moved its registered office to the UK, under the name Computer Studio Ltd. In its British corporate reconfiguration, the company continued to consolidate and further improve its experience in the IT sector, taking advantage of the great technical evolution of Great Britain to experiment with new technologies and export them to Italy, where it originated from, as well as to the rest of Europe.

During this British interlude, the company also embraced and consolidated its expertise in the cryptocurrency and blockchainindustry, launching highly successful “one click” hosting masternode products.

Infine, verso la fine del 2021, l’azienda decide un nuovo cambio di sede, a Tenerife (dove tuttora è ubicata la sede legale) e muta il suo nome in qualcosa che racchiuda ancora meglio la sua filosofia aziendale: nasce InformaTEC, ovvero la fusione delle parole “Informatica” e “Tecnologia“.

L’obbiettivo di InformaTEC per gli anni 2020 è infatti quello di stabilire sempre di più una profonda sinergia fra quello che è strettamente informatica e ciò che è tecnologia nel senso stretto, al fine di offrire ai propri clienti una sempre più elevata qualità di servizi web e linguistici ed un range sempre più ampio di soluzioni.

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There is only real progress when the benefits of a new technology become available to all.

Volto di Henry Ford per citazione in InfomaTEC
(Henry Ford)
American entrepreneur

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