Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Last revised: 20 June 2024
InformaTEC genuinely cares about your privacy. For this reason, we only collect and use personal data to respond to requests from our visitors in full compliance with the European Data Protection Act, known as “GDPR”.

What personal data we collect

Through the contact form on this site, we receive your first name, last name, email address, and phone number. By submitting the contact form, you give your tacit consent for us to use your personal data for the purposes of processing your request.

How we use your personal data

The data you send us will be used solely for the purpose of providing you with a quick contact so that we can better assess which IT solutions to offer you according to your needs. Your data will be processed exclusively for this purpose and the visibility of such data is reserved exclusively for the internal staff of InformaTEC. Your private data will not be communicated to any third party. If the request for information, subsequent response from the staff of InformaTEC should result in the establishment of a business relationship, your private information data will then be integrated into our internal customer management database. Otherwise, after 90 calendar days if such request for information does not result in the establishment of a business relationship between InformaTEC and the information requester, any data submitted to InformaTEC will be completely removed from our digital archives, unless the visitor has, at the same time as the request for information, given his consent to be included in promotional newsletters sending valuable information and promotional offers.


InformaTEC has full respect for your privacy. The data entered at the time of requesting information will NOT be automatically entered into any database of marketing/promotional activities unless the person specifically requests to be added to such database.


The InformaTEC website uses cookie technology for the sole purpose of navigating the site and saving selected language preferences on your own device. No sensitive information is saved or captured in any way through the use of such cookies.

Social networks and Whatsapp/Telegram contacts

This website has a direct link to the social channels of InformaTEC, as well as the possibility of contacting our pre-sales service through a dedicated Whatsapp and Telegram contact. As these are sites and/or means of contact provided by third parties, we inform you that these social networks and instant messaging services are outside the privacy competence of InformaTEC. These social channels and communication services are therefore regulated individually by their respective privacy policies, which we invite you to consult.

Right of rectification and/or erasure

If at any time you feel that you need to rectify the sensitive data we hold about you or that you no longer want such sensitive data to be stored in InformaTEC’s systems, you are entitled to do so. We kindly ask you to contact us using the form below, and one of our representatives will be happy to accommodate your request, after verifying your identity. Please bear in mind that the technical time required to process your request for correction or deletion can take up to 30 calendar days.


We believe that the following privacy policy informs you adequately about how we handle personal customer data Should you have any further specific privacy-related questions, please feel free to contact us by post at the address given in the “Contact” section of this site

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