Language courses in Tenerife

Learning a foreign language is possible easily and in a fun way!

Learning a new language doubles your opportunities!

InformaTEC’s language courses in Tenerife make learning a foreign language an easy and fun experience, whatever your age or background.

Today’s world is increasingly connected, commercially and culturally. Whether for work, lifestyle or simply for personal pleasure, knowing how to communicate in the language of our counterpart is now essential.

InformaTEC’s language course services cater for every need in this regard.

For over 20 years, InformaTEC’s dedicated staff have specialized in offering Spanish, Italian, and French language courses, available both in-person in Tenerife and through videoconferencing worldwide.

Our language courses for English speakers in Spanish, Italian, and French make mastering a new language easy and fun. With a bit of goodwill, dedication, and eagerness to learn, our qualified teachers will take care of the rest!

Our Spanish, Italian, and French courses are available either one-on-one or in small classes, conducted in person in Tenerife. Alternatively, you can opt for videoconference sessions using a simple Google software.

InformaTEC’s language courses for English speakers in Spanish, Italian, and French are crafted to boost your daily communication skills. Whether it’s navigating local institutions, efficiently managing paperwork, organizing education for yourself and your family, or shopping confidently in various locations, our courses cover it all!

In our Spanish, Italian and French classes, a vibrant and welcoming environment is skillfully crafted, fostering a sense of ease and collaboration among all students.

This course is designed to comprehensively enhance your foreign language skills, covering essential areas such as grammar, speaking, pronunciation, writing, and reading.

You will be given the various handouts and teaching materials that will always be available to you.

With InformaTEC, learning Spanish, Italian, and French is within your reach. Unlock your potential and embark on the journey to mastering your new foreign language today!

Corsi di lingua e a Tenerife

Places are limited to ensure the highest possible quality of teaching!


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