Interpreter in Tenerife

Languages are no longer an overwhelming obstacle, the barriers are totally removed

In an ever more connected world, you can tear down language barriers with confidence!

Do you want to enlarge your business by reaching new markets abroad?
Have you located a business partner or customer abroad but are unable to adequately communicate?
Or do you just need the assistance in person of an interpreter in Tenerife who can speak the language correctly and translate for you?
If you need help with a business or personal conversation, InformaTEC has the perfect interpreting service for you, either face-to-face in Tenerife or via videoconferencing in the rest of the world.

If you are on the island, we can personally provide you with an interpreter in Tenerife who will translate into English from Spanish, Italian and French in any context:

  • interpreter for negotiation and drafting of commercial agreements
  • interpreter for liaising with public administrations
  • interpreter for dealing with medical organisations

In all these delicate situations, it is unwise to attempt to approximate a communication, risking that a completely distorted message is sent or received that could cause inconvenience.

Our interpreter in Tenerife service ensures that communication between two parties of different languages is dealt with in an excellent and appropriate manner.

As an alternative to face-to-face interpreting, we provide interpreting services in the rest of the world via videoconferencing in a simple and professional manner.

Languages are no longer an unsurmountable obstacle! Thanks to our interpreter in Tenerife service either face-to-face or via video conference anywhere in the world, language barriers are totally removed!

Contact us now for further information!

We will be happy to help you through an interpreter in Tenerife or by videoconference with competence and professionalism.

InformaTEC Language Services: the world in your hands!

Interprete a Tenerife

InformaTEC Language Services: the world in your hands!


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