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Since 2003 in the Internet hosting and domain management sector (first in Italy, then in the UK and finally in Tenerife), through the website InformaTEC offers its customers a range of hosting products for hosting your Internet site on quality structures with very high speed and stability.

The connection network used by InformaTEC’s hosting services data centres makes use of the most advanced ocean backbone connections and state-of-the-art technology. This allows us to achieve an uptime of 99.85% (taking into account regular upgrades to the facility itself).

This meticulous care of our technical structure allows your website to always be accessible to your visitors and functional in every part.

Our technicians specialise in optimising web resources.

Unlike many of our competitors, we avoid overcrowding our hosting servers with an excessive number of websites, enabling us to guarantee fast navigation and optimal functionality of your website.

In addition, we assign each client a unique IP address that is not shared with any other client, in order to prevent them from inadvertently negatively impacting the performance of your site and email.

All our hosting packages come with generous web space, unlimited traffic, unlimited email and databases, access statistics and many features that give you total control of your website.

We make efficient technical support and customer care our top priority. Our goal is achieving 100% customer satisfaction every day.

Hundreds of customers have placed their trust in us. They know that hosting their site, once entrusted to InformaTEC, is a problem they no longer have to deal with!

Hosting services by InformaTEC: hassle-free hosting… at the right price!

Hosting and Domains

Technology. Reliability. Solutions.

We leave nothing to chance, but each project is guided by careful analysis and a strategy to achieve the shared objectives.

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